Common Fire Truck Pump Operator Mistakes

Here's how to correct the most common pump operator errors I like the term fire control engineer. For me, it more accurately describes the technical and mechanical nature of the job. Call it what you will, it is a tough job with little margin for error. Here are the five most common mistake MPOs make and how to set them right. 1. NOT KNOWING THE APPARATUS Today's pumping apparatus are much more than a pump mounted on a truck. They are an amazing piece of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering. It's critical that MPOs have a complete understanding of all the whats, whys and hows of their assigned engine. NFPA 1901: Standard for Motorized Fire Apparatus places an extraordinary amount of responsibility on apparatus manufacturers to provide fire departments with a vast amount of technical information about the pumping apparatus a department purchases. Both new and incumbent MPOs should take full advantage of everything the manufacturer has to offer to get the most out

What are the advantages and features of diesel generators? Everything you need to know about diesel generators

Nowadays, with the increasing demand for electricity from all walks of life, in the environment that the power grid cannot always maintain a stable and continuous power supply, the configuration of backup power equipment has become the ideal equipment for industries seeking permanent, stable and reliable power security, and diesel generators are chosen by many companies for their ruggedness, stability, strong performance and economy, becoming their main source of electricity. So, what is a diesel generator? What are the advantages and characteristics of diesel generators? Today, let's talk to you all about diesel generators. First, let's start by understanding what a diesel generator is. A diesel generator is an internal combustion engine similar to the one under the hood of a car. It converts the energy stored in the fuel into mechanical energy by making the piston rotate, and next, that mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy through the generator, which is why